Home Decor Guide: How to Furnish & Decorate Your Home

An artful arrangement of furniture, finishes and decorative elements creates a pleasing interior that you’ll look forward to coming home to day after day. Achieving this is highly rewarding, so we’ve made a home decor guide to help you bring your room design ideas to life with modern, uplifting, organic pieces from Ivory & Deene

Whether you’re furnishing a new home or you’ve decided it’s time for a refresh, create a stylish home that’s suitable for day-to-day living with our refined, effortless aesthetic. Each piece is made with the intention to set a lovely mood in your home.

To help you along, here are some home decor ideas to enhance each room to reflect a beautiful, breezy life:

Living Room

A place where memories are woven, the living room should be a cozy, welcoming environment.  If you’re an entertainer, your living area will likely look much different to someone who eats out a lot and sees home as a place to recharge and relax. Consider the amount of room you have and your household’s activities, which will help you direct your choices when coming up with living room decor ideas.

Palette-wise, choose colours of rugged elegance as they never go out of style. Earth-based colours make you feel safe and cocooned, bright light tones awaken and inspire, while deeper neutrals will lure you into relaxation mode. White on white may be one of our favourites, as it keeps spaces feeling fresh and clean. Consider using sheers, wall panelling and art to inject warmth and character. 

For some extra texture, add a luxury ottoman in white fur or wool-like boucle. We love our Soho Hammock Chair as an addition to any living room, as it’s guaranteed to encourage an overall calmness. A bean bag will naturally inspire cosiness, as it’s easily the comfiest seat in the house. Ours come in finishes such as velvety fur and boucle in a variety of neutral and happy tones, including champagne latte, emerald green, and chocolate brown.

Give your living room an instant glow up with pendant lighting. Our Dome Pendant Light is a stunning feature lit or unlit, adding a contemporary coastal feel.


The bedroom should be an incredibly restful room, allowing for restorative sleep and sweet dreams. Texture, colour, functionality and lighting all contribute to creating a soothing space with an intimate vibe.

A bedroom can be painted in a deeper immersive hue like charcoal to help you ‘switch off’ from the more fast-paced areas of the house. If that’s a little bold for you, a soothing neutral tone or crisp white can function as a canvas to layer with cozy textiles.

Once you’re confident with your colour scheme, sumptuous bedding, elegant side tables and a statement bedside vase will work wonders to bring your space to life. Refresh these three elements for a whole new feel to your bedroom. 

Our Byron Rope Pendant Lights also help set the tone, as the rope pattern creates an ambient glow. These pendant lights look absolutely gorgeous hanging above bedside tables. 

Kitchen & Dining Room

You’ve heard it before– the kitchen is the heart of the home, where all home life is centred around. And if that’s true, then a dining room is an extension of that. The two should be functional, featuring warm elements that nod to your home’s personal style.

You’ll benefit from choosing a timeless kitchen colour scheme. Consider an adored palette of white and wood, sleek black and brass, or neutral earthy tones with rattan finishes. Play with samples until you find a colour design with harmony, and steer clear of busyness or tension.

Once you’ve configured and coloured your dream kitchen and dining room, add furnishings to soften and round off the design. Gold Metal Industrial Bar Stools will help embellish the kitchen with warmth and luxury, and hanging a few lightweight rattan pendant lights in natural cane rattan above the kitchen bar will elevate the space.

Foyers, Hallways & Communal Areas

Hallways provide a gentle transition from room to room, and foyers often function as an area of first impressions. Even the most compact spaces and entryways would benefit from personal touches and a statement piece like a stunning clock or a welcoming ceramic vase to hold a delicate bouquet of dried flowers.
Communal areas call for practical, versatile furniture like side tables and shelves. And a fur pouf ottoman stool in white never fails to inject an inviting touch of plushness and flair into any shared space.

Our final tips to furnishing & decorating your home

Know your measurements & sizing

A feeling of visual and sensory calm drifts through a space that’s well balanced. To achieve this, you’ll want to know the length, width and height of each room as well as the finishes and furnishings you intend to add. Avoid overwhelming a space with furniture that’s simply too big, or losing a special piece to a room because it’s not significant enough. When arranging, start with the largest and most prominent items first and finish with the smaller details. That way, you’ll easily create balance in each room.

Develop a budget

Adopt a grounded approach to the process and develop a budget for each area. That said, if you fall for a piece you simply must have that’s a little more in the living room, you can always adjust the budget elsewhere. Prioritise timeless pieces and design choices to keep your space relevant for years to come, and feel free to splurge on smaller pieces that may be more on-trend.

Choose a colour & textile scheme

Seek inspiration far and wide to find what appeals to you. If it feels enriching to look out over a scenery of beach grass and a rhythmic body of water, opt for cooler colours and neutral tones. If you’re uplifted by the bright clarity that white on white brings, here’s ‘the okay’ to celebrate all shades of white in your home.

Textiles help portray the style through sensations, as they play a really big part in the textural component of design. Boucle cushions strike a soft, romantic note. A rattan pendant light will evoke that relaxing seaside holiday, and some ivory satin bedding will break up the interior’s luminous whites with its enticingly smooth texture.


Embrace easy elegance and choose the furnishings that deepen joy and encourage calmness. Create spectacular settings with Ivory & Deene.