Bringing a sunny vibe to your winter

“Baby, it’s cold outside…”

And don’t we love to snuggle down indoors when winter sets in! Oh yes we do. It’s what makes this season so delightful; the cosy hibernation spaces we create to put distance between the harsh weather and us.

Fire crackling.
The smell of hearty soup and sourdough.
Record player crooning something atmospheric (“...the welcome has been, so nice and warm…” — thank you Mr Bublé!)
Slippers, woollen beanies, soft blankets.

Unfortunately, winter is also the time of year when many people’s mental health takes a hit. When we have less sunlight in our days, our vitamin D levels can plummet, along with our serotonin production (connected to mood), and our melatonin levels can be disrupted (connected to sleep). You can read more about Seasonal Affective Disorder here.

The good news is that there are many simple ways to ensure your winters are as sunny, emotionally, as your summers.

Here are three words of advice from the experts on warding off winter blues, and ways you can translate this to the sanctum of your home.

1. Step outside, and get the sun on your skin.

Fresh air in the lungs, chill breeze in your hair. It may be a challenge to overcome the pushback of an icy landscape, but once you do, your body will experience an endorphin kick (the happiness chemical) and a healthy charge of vitamin D.

The inside edit.

Position your cosy winter hibernation space where there is a wonderful wash of natural light. If it’s too uncomfortable to be outdoors, bring it indoors! Position some beautiful, lush plants nearby. Greenery isn’t just for looks, by the way. Having a verdant display of plants in your home is proven to reduce stress and create a calm mood.


2. Embrace the cold season

There is much to enjoy about winter. Rather than counting down the days until you can lay on the beach in the sun, try looking for the best bits of the season you’re in. Positive outlook goes such a long way, dear friend. Find a snowy slope to toboggan down. Put some hot chocolate in a thermos and hike to a lookout with someone special. Find out what winter events are happening near you. Squeeze the goodness out of the colder months!

The inside edit.

Indoors, embrace your winter by making your home inviting. We’re talking blankets and throws and cushions and beanbags. Create spaces you gravitate towards with a feel-good novel and a nutritious snack. Think soft textures, sumptuous layering and pillowy pieces so you can support your body in all the right places for your mid-winter snuggle sessions.

3. Add vibrance, zest and colour!

Don’t let your winter be grey. Keep it fresh and exciting by socialising often, trying new things, cooking flavoursome and nourishing food, wearing vibrant clothes. Many small, positive decisions make a big impact on our overall health and wellbeing. And if we can stress once again the importance of mingling with your loved-ones. Walk together, drink wine together, talk together. Because let’s be real, life is so much better when it’s full of people. Winter included.

The inside edit.

Bring colour accents into your home to help keep your mental state sunny during the rainy season! Our divine velvet bean bags now come in a royal purple, as well as forest green, blue and mustard. Cosy really doesn’t have to be dull, dark and moody.