At Ivory & Deene, we recognise the importance of building our operations and manufacturing on sustainable pillars.

Home Compostable Certified

Compostable Mailers

These mailers can be composted in healthy home or community compost bins. Just follow the below steps to ensure a healthy compost journey.

1.) Cut off the adhesive strip, shipping label and any tape attached to the mailer.

2.) Place in your home or community compost bin.

**If there’s no access to a compost bin, please check with your local council as they currently cannot go in most kerbside organics bins (with some exceptions, particularly in SA).

Our Bubble-Wrap Solution

Recycled Perforated Boxes

Utilising a specialised perforator machine, we repurpose used cardboard boxes from our operations into a sustainable bubble wrap alternative. This process not only breathes new life into materials that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste but also ensures the safe and eco-friendly delivery of your purchases.