Sensory Bean Bags & DreamPods

We believe inclusivity is at the heart of our family, and our bean bags are no different. These sensory bean bags and DreamPods are designed with even the most complex needs in mind. Not only do they feel good, but they also look good too. Our organic, modern collection is made from a variety of stylish fabrics, materials, and colours.

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Silent. Soft. Safe. A place to regulate.

Your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding allows you to purchase any of our sensory bean bags depending on the specifics of your plan.* Just add your items to cart and proceed to checkout. You can then place the order by selecting Pay with NDIS Plan as your payment method.

* Every NDIS plan is different, and we encourage you to speak with your NDIS plan manager (prior to placing an order) regarding the eligibility of your funding for sensory items.

Sensory Bean Bags

There are times when regular bean bags are more trouble than they’re worth. As soon as you move, an overwhelming sound follows, so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts. Well, sensory bean bags have been made with a foam inlay/filling that eliminates noise, improves support and prevents overstimulation.
Bean bags have always been a hassle to clean. Our therapeutic bean bags solve this issue through child-friendly, life-friendly fabrics that make cleaning up a breeze. Simply remove the Sensory Foam Filled Liner, wipe or wash the stain away, place it back on and it’s as good as ever.
The polystyrene filling found in regular bean bags can easily get flattened and squished down, causing the beans to lose their support. In contrast, our DreamPods and bean bags are filled with special sensory foam. This specific filling is durable enough to retain its original shape and buoyancy, providing you support exactly where you need it, even after many uses.


Polystyrene Beans

Noisy, uncomfortable and break down over time.


Sensory Foam

Silent, cloud-like comfort that's durable for a lifetime.

Sensory Bean Bags for Special Needs

Finding the right therapeutic tools for those with conditions such as Autism, SPD (sensory processing disorder), and ADD/ADHD can be a struggle. Sensory bean bags for Autism make perfect, flexible seating that can be easily transported wherever needed while also assisting in occupational and regenerative therapy.
Bean bags for sensory issues have been widely recognised as an occupational therapy tool.
Children may be afraid and overstimulated when going to the doctor or therapist. Sensory bean bags help kids to self-regulate, allowing them to feel physically safe, comfortable, and secure in their environment.
These sensory bean bags also work for adults with special needs. They’ve been proven to alleviate hyperactivity, improve motor skills, and reduce sensory overload. The cocooning sensation of the sensory pods emulates a deep-pressure touch and this can be adjusted so you can achieve maximum comfort from the beanbag. This often helps to relieve back pain and joint pressure, improving posture in the process.

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