Embracing the organic modern trend in your home

The organic modern home decor style has to be one of our all-time favourites, not least because it prioritises comfort. Before we deep-dive into how you can embrace organic modern styling in your own home, let’s take a look at what it means precisely, and its roots.


Organic refers to design that is both inspired by nature, and design that dovetails with a person’s lifestyle. The emphasis is on livability, warmth and ease.


Modern refers to the wonderful era of design that is mid-century modernism. You know about this, because it’s been celebrated for at least the past decade. Sinuous lines, minimal fuss, geometric and curved patterns are to name a few of the markers of the much-loved style, which was also strongly influenced by Scandinavian design.

Organic Modern

It follows that the organic modern design style is a beautiful balance of the above. It brings the textures of the outdoors within, a restrained colour palette and a minimal touch that maintains focus on comfort. It is both warm and spare; earthy and sleek; cosy and uncluttered. The absolute best of two design worlds! 

Here’s how Houzz defines it:

“[Organic modern] refers to an overall design style — a balanced mix of modern lines and often crisp white surfaces contrasted with natural forms and materials, and neutral colours.”

Kitchen Modern Organic

4 Tips to bring some organic modern into your space

Having read these definitions of organic modern design, and seen the examples, you’re itching to introduce it to your own spaces, right? It really is much simpler than you might think, and we invite you to consider these four ways to make it work for you.

  1. Paint them walls white.
    Minimalism is a key element of organic modern design. The quickest, and likely most cost-effective, way of starting out is with a clean (white!) slate. The organic modern style isn’t strictly about whites and lights, but it is the most common approach. That said, don’t discount charcoal and earthy tones for your walls, but consider applying them on a whole room (no feature walls!), particularly where you want to create a vibe of intimacy.
  2. Texturise.
    Think of all the textures of nature: the dappling of water, a horse’s coarse mane, ropes of vines trailing from a treetop canopy. Texture is Queen in organic modern. The trick is to set it against a minimal backdrop, so that it really sings.

    Try these:
    - Wall lining. We’re loving Laminex’s range of decorative wall paneling that is an alternative to plasterboard, and looks oh-so mid-century.
    - Woven items, like our rope or rattan pendants, or this lush breakfast tray.
    - Linen. Check out our linen bean bags with matching ottoman.
    - Ceramics. Whether they are textured or in a silky matte finish, a statement piece like those in our vase collection could be just the thing.

Laminex Wall lining Modern orgnaic

  1. Bring the outside, inside.

    Don’t be scared of colour. Just be sure to choose warm tones that speak of the earth. The rich hue of Uluru, gum green or the colour of sunshine just before dusk. Channel the sorts of colours that would get your hands dirty. You’ll find they bring a rugged elegance, and an ease to your eye.

    Try these:
    - Plants. You can’t go wrong with a Fiddle Leaf Fig, or a trailing Devil’s Ivy.
    - Dried flowers. If you’re after low maintenance, try a dried flower arrangement in a beautiful vase.
    - Our bean bags come in some great organic modern colours, including forest green, rust and mustard.

Fiddle leaf modern organic

Mustard bean bag modern organic

  1. Make it you.
    Don’t forget, this is your space. You have to live in it. So, if you don’t like something, don’t go there. Even if it IS the most delectable example of organic modern that you ever did see. Rules are made to be broken, and that applies most definitely to design.