The secret to the perfect bean bag

Aren’t bean bags timeless? There’s something about the way they hug your body and encourage you to sink into their snuggly softness that makes them so appealing. Perhaps it’s also the way you can carry them from room to room, and shape them to support you in just the right places.

That’s if they’re behaving the way they should.

We sell a lot of bean bags. You could even say that we’re bean bag connoisseurs! What we’ve noticed is that those floaty polystyrene beans quickly break down and before you know it your comfy place to curl up with a book and a bowl of soup is saggy and misshapen. 

Good news: there is a solution! 

Bean bag foam

Bean bag foam.

That’s right, bean bag foam. The fact that our bean bag foam is currently our number one, best selling product speaks volumes for its effectiveness. Customers are finding that foam is not only more robust and comfortable, but it is quieter too. 

Our foam packs are made from premium furniture manufacturing offcuts which means your purchase repurposes a product that would otherwise end up in landfill.

We recommend a ratio of 50% foam and 50% beans for the best balance of comfort and structure. The foam paired with the beans actually enhances the longevity of the filling. And don’t worry, our foam is vacuum packed in a neat little package for ease of transport.

Regular: 100cm diameter (requires approx 250-300 litres of beans or up to 9kg of foam or half/half)
Large: 112cm (requires approx 350-450 litres of beans or up to 14kg of foam or half/half)
XLarge: 120cm diameter (requires approx 450-600 litres of beans or 18kg of foam or half/half) 

If all this talk of reclining in giant pillows (that’s kind of what bean bags are, right?) has you thinking that you need a new one (or ten) for your place, take a look at our range. There’s a lot! All shapes and sizes, fabrics and textures. Imagine sinking your tired body into one of these, and enjoying its comfort for many moons to come. With the perfect fill ratio of course: 50% foam and 50% beans!

Bean bags for days!

We have five main ranges of bean bags, and a few others besides. You’ll find more in-depth information about them, and the full range (including loungers, ottomans and animal fur textures) via our online shop. Here they are, in short: 

Pierre Bean Bag

Pierre silver bean bag

“Bonjour, mon chéri!” is how Pierre might greet you in his velvet-soft coat with its silky shine finish. Of course, Pierre is a bean bag, not a dashing Frenchman. But he has much going for him, including availability in 11 beautiful colours, three sizes (large, larger and largest) and each comes with a liner.
Shop Pierre here

Polo Bean Bag 

Long, straight, faux fur is the marker of the Polo bean bag, which includes a liner and is available in six colours. There are three size choices for the white, black and charcoal colours, with the hot pink, soft pink and turquoise available in large only.
Shop Polo here

Lush Bean Bag

Lush fur white bean bag

This is our crème de la crème bean bag. It will easily be the softest seat in your house, and as the name suggests, it really is an extravagant touch. Available in five colours, most of which can be purchased in large and larger sizes. Includes liner.
Shop Lush here 

Shaggy Bean Bag 

Shaggy chocolate bean bag

She has curves in all the right places, does our Shaggy bean bag. Characterised by long fur with a slight curl, she’s available in the large size in all five colours, and in larger size also in the cream and unicorn colours. Unicorn? Oh, you’ll love it, or someone in your life will! Think furry pastel rainbow hues.
Shop Shaggy here

Boucle Bean Bag

Boucle mustard bean bag

Say “hi there!” to the newest member of the I&D bean bag family. We’re already in love with the on-trend styling of the curly, knotted boucle yarn, not to mention the gorgeous colours: rust, French white and mustard. Available in large and larger sizes, and includes liner.
Shop Boucle here