Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Him & Her

Valentine’s Day is a day devoted to love and romance. It is a day when we have a chance to remind our beloved of our feelings; it is a day when we can send our crush a sign of our affection. Valentine's Day is a great excuse to buy our partners a gift to say I love you.

Roses and chocolates may be traditional gifts, but we feel that buying your loved one something a little different is a great idea. Put some thought into your gift to show them you think about them and that you love them.

We have a wonderful range of gift ideas for you to browse through and find that unique way of showing you care.

To help narrow down your search, look in our Valentine's Day Gift for Her, where you can find a bath caddy to hold a glass of wine and a candle while she soaks, or a luxurious big beach towel to wrap around the shoulders while she watches the sunset.

We also have Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him, such as grand wooden wall clocks, bean bags to relax in to watch the game, or hammock chairs to while away the day with a good book.

Gift Ideas on the Smaller Side (Easy to wrap)

While a bean bag makes a fabulous gift, wrapping it could be a little tricky. We have some smaller gifts for you that can be just as meaningful and easier to gift wrap.

Half the joy is seeing the smile on their face upon the great gift reveal.

Ceramic Vase (+Flowers)

We love ceramic vases as a gift idea. Firstly, the ceramic is a modern, homely look, and they feel rustic in your hand. The wide variety of shapes and sculpts available for you allows you to create different moods throughout your home.

Vases make great valentines gifts as they are a promise that you will continue to fill them with flowers throughout the year, not just on this one special day in February. 

You can add colour to the vases with a ribbon or silk scarf. Have a look at all the shapes and sizes of vases available in our online store.

Wall Clock

Wall clocks are more than just a timepiece ticking away the hours. They are a statement art piece that draws the visitor’s eye and can be a feature of any room.

Why buy your BAE a wall clock? It is a constant reminder of your commitment to them. Long after a rose has wilted, these magnificent clocks will be ticking away the hours and days of your relationship.

Click on through and choose the perfect timepiece to tell you the time for now and forever.

 Decorative Home Decor

Perhaps the best way to express your love to one another is by helping make your house a home—small touches, like decorative candle holders, and rattan trays for breakfast-in-bed.

These are gifts that keep giving. They give your living room style and decor. They always remind you that you’ve made a home together.

Browse our decorative decor wares, and find one that expresses your love.

Bigger Presents for Your Home 

Go beyond the smaller, intimate gifts, and bring love and comfort into your home and your lives. A bean bag you can use all year round, or a hammock where your beloved can relax and remember it was you who gave them the space to find themselves.

Bigger gifts from Ivory and Deene might be tricky to gift wrap, but they’re easy to present.

Hammock Chair

These are a fabulous gift idea for your loved one, and they come in an array of styles. Throw some soft throws and cushions into the hammock for a luxurious little getaway. Add a good book or just half an hour for a nap, and you’re in bliss.

Try out the traditional hammock and lay back, swaying yourself to sleep. Or check out any of the hammock seats. Hang them on the balcony or inside your bedroom, or study.

They are a beautiful and luxurious gift that would be unexpected. It’s always great to surprise the one you love.

You’ll find our hammock range here, including hammock chairs for the little ones.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are so cool. Throw them where you want them, and flop down into them with a bowl of corn chips and your favourite movie on the TV.

We have so many colours and fabrics of bean bags you’re sure to find one that matches your loved one’s personality or flair. 

Buy a pair and create the best movie date night together. Browse the range of bean bags, and dream pods, right here.

Fresh New Bedding

One of the best gifts you can give your loved one is new bedding. Satin sheets, new pillows or a brand new quilt. How wonderful is it to snuggle under a new quilt, with a new quilt cover and fluffy new pillows, next to the one you love?

Ivory and Deene has a massive range of quilts and sheet sets, and choose a colour or mood to suit any boudoir. Choose from traditional whites to some warm evening colours, sexy satin sets and more.

Browse the bedroom choices we have right here, and begin to style the perfect bedroom for you and your love.

Still can’t decide? Maybe a Gift Card is the way to go.

Do Ivory and Deene have too many outstanding gift ideas for you to choose from? Then why not grab yourself a gift card? You’re still thinking of your loved one, and want to give them a cozy little gift from us, but this way, they get to choose!

Select your amount, and send the gift card direct to their phone or their email. Click through and start now. And we’re sure they wouldn’t mind a suggestion or two on what they should buy.

If you have any questions, you can call us here → 1300 731 506, or send us a message from our Contact Us page.