That Fresh Sheet Feeling | When is it time to replace my bedding?

It’s easy to dismiss a bedroom to be simply a practical room. Add a bed, some tables and maybe a chair, and you have the makings of a decent bedroom. Sure, we may splurge on a fluffy blanket or 2-10 cushions, but what if we invested in what really matters..sleep.
While you might make an effort to choose a fun pattern or colour to match your bedroom design, at the end of the day you likely chose your sheets because of how they feel. But how long should you really hold onto a set you really love?
Sheets should be completely replaced after 2-3 years. 
We admit, that may sound excessive, and honestly, who keeps an anniversary date for when they purchased their bedding? 
However, there are a number of reasons why it’s important to replace your bedding. Think about your favourite t-shirt, the one you take on your trips away, your tried and true. Regardless of the care you take, the favourites do wear out and show their age. Similarly, thinning, yellowing and fading are the most obvious indications that your bedding are past their prime. You may also start to feel the decline of your sheets, which can disrupt your oh-so-important sleep. If you start to notice these issues, it may be time to start shopping. 
Now, the last thing we want is unnecessary wastage, so before we get caught up in throwing away sheets every year, here are some tips to prolong their lifespan. 
  • Have two sets of sheets to cycle between
  • Wash sheets on a cool or warm cycle only
  • Line drying reigns supreme, otherwise a low tumble cycle is best
  • Store your sheets with room to breathe
When it comes to your sleep, don’t compromise. Find bedding that you love, but also that loves you. Our top pick, is bamboo bedding. Known for it’s anti-bacterial properties, bamboo’s a must for those of us who truly treasure a good night’s sleep.
Bamboo fibre is more breathable than regular cotton, has superior temperature control while providing greater warmth in winter and coolness in summer. It's luxury 400 thread count fabric is silky soft and has a lustrous finish that gives a beautiful feel and soft drape.