Mum is {more than} the Word

How great are Mums? We wouldn’t be here without them. While we admit that the relationships aren’t always perfect, it is a joy to acknowledge the life that these beautiful women weave into our world.

With the frosty beginnings of Winter knocking at the door, nothing quite hits the spot like a warm, paired back night at home with your mum;

Dim the lights.

Pop the kettle on... and your fluffiest socks.

Light some candles.

Throw some cheeses on a platter,

and a snuggly blanket on the couch. (or your favourite Ivory & Deene DreamPod 😉)

Maybe Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be iced with cheap magazines and grocery shop flowers bought last minute. (Although we’re not pretending that we’re above such things either)

If your mum is anything like mine; its the slow, intentional pockets of connection that fill up her love tank. Holding space like that is often so much harder to give than that gift-wrapped-I-love-mum-mug. But how much more genuine it is.

When reflecting on the people who have sown and shown this unplugged-type-of-presence so wholeheartedly, it usually is a mum. They just get it.

If your inner child jumps at the iconic gesture of making your mum breakfast in bed (or the bath) then don’t hold back this year! Or perhaps bring some fresh air into the home with some handpicked, local flowers...go on, melt her heart like only you can. 

After all, isn’t it the most simple of traditions that feed our souls?

You can take it from us - we’re all kids at heart here. And we love our mums.

 P.S If none of these subtle hints for spoiling mum this Mother's Day do the trick, you can always trust a mother's intuition - so leave the choices up to her with a trusty gift card. Mother knows best, so they say. 😉